Preparing for IT and Technology Graduate Schemes 2022

Although your university life may not be over just yet- now is time to start thinking about life after university, especially if you are looking to go straight into work. Every year there is the same competition for IT Graduates competing for Graduate schemes with some of the best employers in the market.

As this is likely to be the first time you have applied for a graduate scheme you may need some guidance as to why you should apply for a graduate programme and how to prepare. So, what can you expect from an IT and Technology graduate scheme? Well:

  • You’ll be working in a professional environment with a structured programme and training
  • IT and Technology Graduate Schemes are usually with well-known brands in the sector and therefore it looks good on your CV to start your career.
  • There are a variety of graduate schemes available in different sectors within IT
  • The majority of them offer a competitive salary compared to regular jobs
  • You’ll receive quality training and development and often good exposure across IT
  • There is always the possibility of being offered a permanent position within the company when the graduate scheme has finished- so always make a good impression of yourself throughout the programme

The application process involves a number of stages to ensure the company picks the right candidates for the role. The first stage consists of completing the application form along with sending off your CV and covering letter- although most application processes are now online. It is important to consider their requirements of the role and if you fulfil those. This is possibly the most vital stage of the application as this is where they initially filter out applicants so you need to make sure it says the right things about you and would impress the employer.

If you were successful after the first stage, it is likely that you may be asked to complete some form of test. This would normally be online in which they would give you a number of scenarios and test what you would do in those (related to the subject of the type of graduate scheme you are applying for). They could also test you on either maths or psychometric testing.

Then comes the interview stage. This would involve a telephone or face to face interview and is another chance for you to present yourself in the best possible way over the phone or in person. This would consist of general interview questions- strengths, weaknesses, why you chose the company and why you would be good for the role etc. plus of course discussing your knowledge of IT.

If your interview was successful you’ll then be asked to attend an assessment centre which may include a face to face interview, a written exercise, a presentation and a group and individual task testing your IT skills. Be sure to ask in advance what you’ll need to take so you are fully prepared and of course dress smartly. If you need some help for this stage, take a look at our interview techniques article. This is usually the last stage and you will be given a timeframe in which you will be contacted and informed if you were successful for the role or not. It may seem long winded but it is definitely worthwhile for your future. offers a range of specialist IT graduate programmes from top employers including Accenture, Lloyds Banking Group, KPMG and more. Click here to see the latest IT Graduate schemes.