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Following the increase in demand for IT professionals over recent years, employers need IT graduates now more than ever.  Many graduates don’t know which area of IT they want to explore, or even which skills they should be highlighting on their CV, so here we are, a run-down of the top 5 IT skills that IT graduate recruiters are looking for!


1. SQL

SQL or Structured Query Language is responsible for simplifying database management considerably since its release in 1989. Launched by Microsoft it is a hugely popular programming language that is considered the international standard for database manipulation.

SQL is in huge demand at the moment due to the rapid growth of the internet and new technologies such as responsive sites that are only made possible through the way their databases handle information.

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2. .Net

A framework for web-based client development, .Net enables users to build graphical interfaces whilst offering cross –platform compatibility and cross-language operability.

.Net is a relatively new on the scene and as such demand for those who can manage this framework is high.

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3. C#

An object-oriented extension of the original C language, C# has become hugely popular. If you’re looking for programming jobs – this is a key language to have mastered.

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Old faithful. HTML or Hyper Text Mark-up Language is the most popular mark-up language used to create web pages. Knowledge of html is expected from most people in the IT field (particularly graduates).

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5. JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language that is used to enhance dynamic websites and user interfaces. Used by all the “big guns” in the IT industry from Google to Microsoft to Apple, JavaScript is a key skill for those looking to break into the IT industry and a lucrative career option.

Its widespread use means that the job opportunities around JavaScript are huge.

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So you may have the skills but still unsure on what path to follow in technology…


Choosing the right IT Graduate job

As an IT Graduate, you are in high demand. IT underpins everything we do and as a result the IT jobs market is a great place of opportunities for those with a good understanding of the subject.

However, IT is a big industry and so there are several different career paths you can head down, and although your first job doesn’t have to define your end career goals, choosing the right IT graduate job at the start can help you get to where you ideally want to be quicker.

Having completed your IT degree (most commonly “computer science”) it’s a safe assumption that you possess several of the key characteristics of an IT professional such as a good grasp of numbers and a high level of problem solving skills, however, what other skills and knowledge will you need for the different IT graduate jobs available?

Here we take a look at some of the core competencies required for some of the most common IT Graduate jobs available to give you a better idea of which role might suit you best.


Graduate Developer

This in itself splits in to two threads, software development and web development.

Both require you to be able to work well with technical and non-technical people as it is likely that your clients will not be as tech savvy as you are. You will also need to be able to follow exact instructions and be able to turn your client’s ideas in to workable plans for a realistic solution.

As a Graduate Web Developer you will also need to:

Understand good web design

Understand usability issues

Have knowledge of international web development standards

Have knowledge of web development languages


Graduate Analyst

As a Graduate Analyst you will need a good knowledge of both the IT and technical side as well as wider business knowledge in order to work out where IT systems can be improved or implemented in order to serve the business’s needs. This means you will need to:

Have a good knowledge of programming, software and hardware

Excellent data management skills

The ability to budget effectively

A creative approach to problem solving


Graduate Project Manager

 Project Managers require a great deal of leadership ability and so as a graduate you will need to demonstrate you are able to take control and manage people, resources and budgets. You will also need:

Exceptional organisational skills

Excellent communication skills

A flexible approach

An understanding of business objectives and procedures

The ability to work to deadlines


Graduate IT Support

 Working with non-technical people on a daily basis, you will need to have excellent communication skills to be able to explain technical issues and solutions to people with very limited IT knowledge.

You will also need to be a people person as many of those you will come across will be stressed and frustrated at the issue in hand. You will also need to:

Have excellent in depth knowledge of popular systems and software

Be organised – good at keeping reports on issues and their solutions

Have an understanding of knowledge management


Graduate recruiters are looking more and more for IT Graduates who have a wider understanding of business environments and objectives so if you can demonstrate this in your applications it is likely to set you apart from the crowd.


When choosing your IT Graduate job, it can sometimes be helpful to ask yourself a few probing questions and answer them honestly in order to help ensure you end up going down a career path you’ll enjoy! You could also try a psychometric test which will help reveal more about the careers that you could be suited to.