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JP Morgan Graduate Technology Scheme – Top Ten FAQ

1. Do I need IT experience or an IT degree for the JPM IT Graduate programme?

We recruit a significant number of people from technical and analytical backgrounds with an interest and aptitude for technology. We also welcome graduates from mathematical and analytical backgrounds or technical specialists in areas such as infrastructure, software or information architecture, who are interested in system design and engineering. Whatever your background, you’ll develop skills on some of the most advanced systems in the marketplace and enjoy opportunities to build uniquely broad experiences as you tackle challenges across our business.

2. Which location within JPM will I be based?

Graduates joining JP Morgan are placed in roles throughout the Technology division in our offices in London, Bournemouth and Glasgow.

3. What training will I be given?

During the Technology Analyst Development Programme, you will be part of a class of Technology Graduates, all of whom are gaining experience at a quick pace, looking to rise to the top as high performers. You'll receive a great amount of support and will build your technical and business knowledge hands-on, while expanding your network across the organization. Our aim is to equip you with the tools and resources you need to become a well-rounded, game-changing technologist.

Core training that's tailored for impact-The first week of the programme is an "Introduction to J.P. Morgan". Our initial focus will be on helping you to think like a business owner and problem solver, and allowing you to see your work from the end-user's point of view. On our five-week Technology Boot Camp, you will be put through your paces and have your skills enhanced very quickly to ensure that you can add value to our business almost immediately; ending with a scenario-based case study that will test everything you’ve learned. You'll formally present your results to a panel of leaders and customers, who will give you useful feedback as you prepare to start your work with us.

Continued growth- Your initial training will be followed up with a Technology Specific Curriculum for all graduates on the programme. The curriculum will give you more insight into J.P. Morgan's technology strategy and help you strengthen your Project Management, interpersonal and technical skills. Our flexible approach to formal training means that the modules may include classroom and computer-based training, experiential learning, business briefings or webcasts, and personal development and action-planning sessions.

4. Will I be specialising in a particular area of IT?

Through our Technology Analyst Development Programme you will develop a breadth of skills that will help you succeed across all areas of technology. After completing training, you will have a 12 month placement in a specific group in technology where you will specialise in development, analysis or delivery. After your first placement year you will have the option of our mobility opportunities where you could move into another technology group.

5. Will I qualify for any certifications during the programme?

No, you will not qualify.

6. How will I be measured during the IT Graduate programme?

JP Morgan is dedicated to giving honest and timely feedback. At the start of the Graduate Programme, Analysts sit with their managers to set objectives for that year. As an Analyst you will have 2 formal reviews throughout the year; one after 6 months and then again at the 12 month mark. This will allow you to gauge how you are performing against your objectives and provide you with the opportunity to identify areas of strength and development. You will also have regular, informal 1:1 meetings with your manager during the year. Your success on the graduate programme is based solely on your performance.

7. What support will I be given during the IT Graduate programme?

The Technology Graduate Programme has a dedicated Programme Manager who will be with you through the duration of the programme. They are there as constant support and guidance for the graduates. You will also be assigned a recent graduate as a buddy to help you navigate JP Morgan. Lastly, you will be given a mentor to help provide career advice and support.

8. What happens after the Graduate programme ends?

The Technology Graduate Programme Manager works with the Analyst to prepare them for the end of the programme. This includes making sure they are speaking with their managers about their current role and assistance looking for new opportunities. The Technology Graduate programme culminates in a graduation ceremony.

9. Are there any international opportunities?

We don’t encourage mobility cross location, or internationally during the programme. Your contract requires you to stay in your hire location for the duration of the programme.

10. What technology platforms and languages do JPM use?

At JP Morgan, we use the following platforms and languages:

Technology Platforms – Distributed servers =Windows, Linux, AIX (but increasingly less so)

Large enterprise servers = mainframe and non-stop (HP) platforms

Networks = mix of physical carriers

Storage = Enterprise Class Tape Libraries with Petabytes of info, Disk storage systems with Terabytes of info, Network Attached Storage

Languages – C, C++, C#, Java, Python, .Net, Java Script, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Perl script, html, visual basic (Excel macros) and we almost certainly still have lots of older code written in Cobol & Fortran plus lots of open source

Databases = Oracle, DB2 on mainframe, some Sybase & Teradata Plus there are over 250,000 end user devices (VDI, Desktops, laptops, phones) !!

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